Tree High Bonsai is a Registered Nursery / Stock Dealer with the State of Florida Registration # 48020244

First, thanks for coming by!

I’m Johnny and besides being a Bonsai Artist, I’m a father as well.  If you’re wondering… running the bonsai business, and raising a daughter is a piece of cake!

I created Tree High Bonsai because after so many years I have wanted to take my hobby and make a living doing it.  I also wanted something that would grow with me, my family and my daughter.

Bonsai is a balance between yourself, your tree and Mother Nature. It is a living art, and it allows me to be in touch with nature every day. This is why I love this form of art. There is nothing like it.  I’ve always learned so much about balance, life and patience. You will too!

It is exhilarating seeing your decisions come to fruition through the trees.  Yet it is relaxing and meditative at the same time.  This is Bonsai.

Life is always hectic whether it be stress from “real” work or the non stop hustle and bustle of now having a family.

Throughout the years, Bonsai has been my peace, quiet and escape.  When you are trying to decide on how to style a tree, or making decisions “to cut, or not to cut,” there is a peace and focus that is reached, and everything else leaves your mind.  It is good for the soul.  It is therapeutic.

Through the blog, I would like to share with you my creations, knowledge, experiences and the journey that has been taken.

If you need a consultation, would like to buy trees, supplies or even custom orders, I would love to help! The best way to reach me is truly email, as I’m usually outside entangled in trees.

Enjoy your time here and thank you for stopping by!

Welcome & Cheers,