Bonsai Trees and Bracing For Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is basically here and we’ve decided to stay.  The winds are picking up and the gusts are strong enough to knock bonsai trees right off the bench.  Can’t wait any longer.  The trees have to go inside tonight….I don’t know how strong the winds might get overnight though the hurricane isn’t here yet.

The actual hurricane is supposed to hit us early Sunday morning.  Wal Mart closed at 12pm today, and by tomorrow everything will be closed.

Clouds from Hurricane Irma Coming in Earlier today

It has taken us days to prepare. Days on getting everything in the yard and landscaping into the shed, house or secured.  Things that never crossed your mind until you look at them wondering if they can withstand a hurricane.

We will probably be without power for at least a week after, so there was also preparing for that as well.  Getting gas took time, as did getting food and water.  Remember, during preparation I had a lot of driving to do while looking for supplies and food.  So I needed to fill up a few times.

On Tuesday I waited in line,  On Wed, there was no gas at the places closest to me after trying on 2 separate occasions.  Thursday I got to fill up again.  Now, this isn’t my first hurricane, and I want to say something about getting gas this time.

Rain just started…anyway,

On preparation I want to talk about WaWa.  Out of the blue right?

Well when I went there for gas earlier this week. They had multiple attendants outside directing traffic, and in a line of 15 cars I only waited 5 min.

Wawa Gas Station Attendant Helping a customer in preparation for Hurricane Irma
WaWa Gas Station Attendant directing cars in preparation for Hurricane Irma

Granted they do have a lot of pumps at this station but still, this helped tremendously. Wicked how fast they were getting the gas out to people.  Thanks for doing it right and making the craziness way easier!

Side story, I went through Sandy in NY, and I will say that there was less panic in the stores and gas stations than there was in New York right before Sandy.  Tons of courtesy all around here in Florida, and nobody really causing trouble.  Although a cop did have to shoot someone in Miami Airport yesterday.  You can read about it here.

It’s nice to see people helping each other out instead of buried face first in the cell phone while driving (which is the usual case here in Florida).

Among us neighbors, we all helped each other out in some way to get ready.  Whether it was putting up boards on windows or letting each other know what stores had what.  We all have what we need and are ready.

Hickory wood for cooking

There was even a sale on moonshine so we picked up 3 bottles!

Silver Lightning Moonshine and Tennessee Mellomoon Moonshine

So on to the Bonsai Trees.

They are tied down to the benches, and I could technically leave them out tonight and wait until tomorrow to put them in.  But during a hurricane..anything can happen.  Was out earlier and there were already branches in the roadway:


Sorry for the bad pic, light turned green.

I grabbed all of them and put them in the shed for now.  I left the lumber and benches outside.

Here’s some of the trees in the shed. I got them all in just an hour ago…the picture is grainy because it was pitch black and probably dusty in the shed:


I’m tired and going to get some sleep.  Early morning tomorrow as lately, our daughter has decided she wants to wake up at 5:30am everyday.  Gotta love it!

I will post updates throughout the storm.  Be safe everyone!



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