How To Keep Snails and Slugs Off your Bonsai Benches and Trees Naturally

Snails and slugs may seem harmless, but they can be bad for your bonsai trees.  They crawl over the ground, fungus, mold, etc.  Then they climb on your trees trunks, branches and foliage and spread these diseases.

Snail on tree branch

You can always go out and buy chemicals.  These will work for the most part but I believe the method I’ll get to below makes the chemicals pointless.

Keeping them off may seem complicated without poisons, but there is a really easy way to solve this issue.

The answer is copper.

Copper repels slugs and snails wonderfully.  From what is understood in the science community, the copper causes some type of “short circuit” if you will call it that, in their nervous system.

I would assume that feels similar to those shock machines you hold with your hands at fairs.

What you’ll want to do is take either copper sheet, tape, or wire and wrap a section a few inches wide around the legs of your benches.  They won’t cross the border and won’t get up to your trees.

Snail / slug problem solved!!

Here is a good quick video from Youtube illustrating how this concept works.  The Results are surprising:


Well I hope this helps you in your bonsai garden and and enjoy slug free trees!!!

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