Mame Bonsai: False Buttonweed Gets a New Pot

I collected this one a few months ago from my yard.  If you didn’t catch the post you can read it here.  Shrubby False Buttonweed is the full name and well they grow all over my property.

This one is being prepared and trained to be an entry in a contest in 2020.  They obviously grow like…..well, weeds.

When I collected it (more like dug it out with a trowel) I only had an empty water bottle around so I improvised and cut it down to a small pot.

Here is a current photo of the tree before the new pot:


It was collected at the end of April and since then has grown a nice amount of roots.  The soil plays a big part if you are newer and not familiar.  A good bonsai mix makes it easy for the roots to grow and you get a ton of feeder roots.

You can see here the roots are holding all that soil together:


I didn’t bare root it….I only cut off that thick pad of feeders at the bottom and removed any grimy soil peices.

The new pot will be slightly larger than the bottle bottom which works out great.  I’ll simply slip pot it and add new soil to fill the gaps.

The pot is one from this previous post.  The pot is 15 years old and the texture and color are just great!  I love this little pot!

The chop has the initials CRS.  I am at a loss who the potter is.  I acquired this piece from Adam Holden and he still has to get back to me on the potter.

Here is the pot:


The next part simply involved me slipping the root ball into the new pot and adding fresh soil to fill.  I did change the potting angle of the tree slightly, though that ultimately may change in the future.  But for now it’s good.

Here is the tree in it’s new pot:

2017-08-18 21.28.28

So what do you think?

It does need a trim and more wire as there are new branches since the initial wiring that I do want to keep.  Also as can be expected, it wants to grow straight up so there is a constant battle to keep the form, though not difficult.

Hope you enjoyed this little tree, cheers!!!


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