Duranta Bonsai Developing Nicely!

Last update on this tree was 3 months ago and I’ve been working on it for about a year now.

It has come a long way in the last year, and in the last 3 months….it’s development has surprised me.  It’s not yet an amazing or excellent tree but it’s well on it’s way there.

If you haven’t read it yet, here is the the last update on this one:  Update: Duranta Repens, Erecta (Gold Mound)

It started as a regular bush that was perishing in our front garden so I saved it…..only then chop and bend it….for the better!

Let’s first take a quick trip through time.  From bush to cutback and then chop/wire:


The last photo (of the tree wired above) was 3 months ago.  Since that time it had put on tons of growth.  It also took on white flies again (which I’ll be doing a write up on in the future).

Anyway, here is the tree in the beginning of July:

20170710_103115 (1)

And now in the middle of July:


Then from the middle of July to the end of the month it really took off! It was expected as we had a lot of rain.  But it was at this point that the white flies took hold.

Look at all the new branches:


Amazing right?  Now if you look you can see that the tree grows very angular and you’ll either have to clip and grow quite frequently to get a more natural look or you can wire it. I’m going to wire it.

But before that I cut some of this growth back and defoliated much of the tree.  It’s much easier to wire this way, and the new buds and leaves on Durantas are delicate and easily break off.

After a haircut:


Today I wired the tree and it will be left alone for a few months at least to just grow and give me more choices.

Today, all wired up:

Current Front.  This may/probably will change slightly
Current back with chop scar.
Close up of the base and bark

I must say this tree has really started to come into it’s own. As for the style, that is yet to be determined still, as every few months it wants to do something different.

Or is it I that want to do something different? hmmmm

The planting angle will definitely change and depending on how the base and roots develop the front may change as well.  The large pot is a pain in the butt…..that is part of why it’s growing so quick, so it’s staying in there.




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