Update On Last Week’s Blueberry Bonsai

This is a Blueberry bush I picked up as nursery stock last week.  I cut it all the way back and took most of the roots off as well.  You can see the tree as purchased and the work done here: Blueberry Bonsai From Nursery Stock.

Even though it’s just been repotted it has exploded with growth.  It was root bound and needed the repot.  These are very hardy and will take a lot of abuse.

Here are the new buds Yesterday:


And Today:


It’s growing very strong and fast…that is always good to see.

The rest of the tree with buds growing all over:



If you haven’t worked with Blueberry or are new to Bonsai, I hope this post will give you a little confidence when working on them.  Please remember I’m in Hardiness zone 10B. Climate is a factor on time of year that work is performed on all trees.

Hope you guys are having a good season and if you haven’t in a while….start a new project!!!



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