Blueberry Bonsai From Nursery Stock

Yesterday I was out and about on a search for weed eater line.  Apparently every place near me was sold out.  So went to a store a few towns over where they had some in stock.

While walking through the garden center I was coerced by my lady…..

“Why don’t you bonsai a blueberry bush, that would be cool!”  So I took a look around and found one I thought had  some potential.

These are not the most popular bonsai, so there are not too many examples out there to peruse.  That is a good thing though!

If this tree develops well it will be a very unique and tasty addition to the collection!  Tell me you don’t like blueberries?

So when I picked it up it was rough, but if you look closely at the picture below there is a nice tree in there!

Here it is prior to any work:



Closer shot of the trunk:


It has a nice trunk and good movement.  It’s also starting to get a good look of age, so I figured let’s do it.

Most of the branches and foliage will be removed.  There is damage from the sun & pests and many branches growing the wrong way as well.

First order of business will be to take care of those things.  You know what..while I’m at it I’m going to repot it now also.  Let’s make this a nice small tree!

It was buried up to the first branch as you can see above…

Pulled it out of the pot and dug a little lower to expose more  of the trunk:


I think it’s looking better already!

Next step is to remove most of that root ball.  The tree is going in that small pot you see on the left in picture above.  It’s a 5 inch bonsai training pot.

Here’s a closer look at the pot:


Took most of the root ball away and it’s ready to fit in the pot:


Because it’s going through so much work all at once, I didn’t bare root this, so as not to push the tree to far.

I cut the root ball to just smaller than the size of the training pot…left just a little space around the edges to add some soil…and left space to add soil on top as well.

After wiring it into the pot and doing a quick initial prune here is what we are left with:



It has been raining non stop since yesterday, lucky for the tree and me!

I’m going to cut this back even more. There are also a few more branches I want to remove, but I’m going to wait for the weather to clear up……

It’s going to be nice once it starts making blueberries!

Have fun and hope you enjoyed this one!!


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