A few Mame and Shohin Bonsai Pots From Adam Holden

I recently picked up a few…well 5 pots from Adam Holden.  If you are not familiar, he is an American Bonsai Potter (taught by Master Yoshiyuki Kawada) and his work is wonderful.  You can see more of Adam’s work here: American Bonsai Ceramics

Here is a link to works by Master Kawada

I’m a big fan of European (there’s gonna be an Erin pot in here!) and American Potters.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike Japanese and Chinese pots, especially the antique ones, however I really like western pottery.  The pots are interesting, unique…and almost all of the time “one of a kind.”

I’m getting excited writing this.  For now they are on display.  I have some trees in mind but to be honest when it comes to matching pots to trees…I let it happen.  Can’t force it!

Plus I’m constantly getting new trees so, there is no rush.

Anyway enough of my babbling and lets get to the pots!

The pot below is by Adam. Made in 2015.

It is made with sand, and slightly bigger than palm size.  Unless you have Sasquatch Palms in that case, well….good luck with that!

The plan is to use this one for a small Elm Forest that is currently in the works.


Wonderful texture being made with sand and the pitting adds a great effect.


I like that there 8 total wholes for tie downs and 2 drain holes. Very convenient.



Next up is an amazing little crescent pot the size of a tennis ball.  Mystery pot by a potter with the chop mark “CRS.”  Adam forgot who (He acquired it 15 years ago)…but will get back to me on this one:20170703_155019

I really like the primitive approach on this pot.  Cracks, Crags and Craters!! 20170703_155100

It features a well placed notch on one side, making the display of a cascade tree that much more impactful:


In a small pot, frequent watering is required.  Much more than a shohin or larger potted tree (Wait….isn’t that the long way of saying Bone-Sigh?).  Stagnant water is no issue here with a good sized drain hole:



And this one is an earlier Erin pot from when he first started using illmenite in glaze.  It adds a nice dark brown/black hue to the pot.


Even though it’s one of Victor’s earlier pots, it’s still well crafted.  20170703_154941

The texture and pitting on the edges give it a nice lunar / meteoric feel in hand!20170703_154858

Chop mark both inside and out.20170703_154956


The next one below is also by Adam.  A well executed oval made of a sandy clay.


Features a nicely applied and textured band of glaze all around20170703_155736

Clean lines throughout and well drained.20170703_155639



Last but not least, is a freebie Adam threw in and was a total surprise..I love surprises!  He made this one out of a half dried piece of clay.  It’s tiny at just about 2 inches across.


These pictures do not do the glaze justice at all.  The glaze is deep green to blue, changing with the light and has a great luster to it.


Chop located inside the pot.20170703_155851

I’m happy to get this post out as I was bed ridden for a week with a high fever, and still getting better.  A real blast, let me tell you.

There are many posts half written here and on paper that I need to complete and am still playing catch up on tree maintenance and the like.

Thank you for your patience and I hope you have enjoyed the pots tonight!


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