Cuttings: Chinese Elm and Ilex Vomitoria

Not to be lame, but in Bonsai the cuttings are your future.  Take it slow with how many cuttings you take though….before you know it you’ll have more trees than you can take care of.  Now if that is your goal, well keep on propagating!

I don’t always take cuttings.  In my climate, I’m pruning daily and there are just too many cuttings. Today I had to do some maintenance work on a mame Chinese Elm and a Shohin Ilex (Yaupon Holly).

I’ve been thinking of putting together an elm forest so why not start today?  Here is the mother tree:


This thing grows like a weed.  Those extensions from the main silhouette of tree are only 2 weeks old!

So after hacking away at this little guy here are the cuttings I took:


I took about 12 cuttings, soaked them in water for a few hours first, then put some rooting powder on them and stuck them in regular potting soil.  I used this Tupperware container because it is shallow and wide.

That will make it easier to transplant these to a slab or tray in the future once they are ready (and if they take!).  I suggest taking cuttings that are semi-woody for best results.  If they are too soft or too hard they will not take.

Also this time of year (July to September) is the best for trying to get them to root.

Next, I took a cutting from an Ilex.  My last attempt at a cutting from this plant early in the summer was not successful.  I did kind of forget about it and it dried out……

Here is the tree the cutting came from:


Same thing with this one, let it soak in water for a few hours and then dipped it in rooting powder and put it in a pot.

This one is going in it’s own pot a little larger, as the plan is to let it develop for a few years before transplanting or working on it.

Love the leaves on these guys:


I have a bunch more work I need to post about, but have been so busy I just haven’t had a chance.

Raising a child and raising Bonsai….at the same time, is not for the faint of heart!

But like I said earlier, it’s all about the future!!!!


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