How To Keep Your Bonsai Trees Cool During Summer

With Summer here, and temperatures getting super hot I wanted to share a tip with you from Mary Miller.  She is a Bonsai Legend of sorts, a Boxwood Queen and a very wise woman.

In extremely high temperatures, if you are not aware your bonsai tree roots can “cook.” The temperature in a bonsai pot can get too high for the tree to handle and you can and will lose trees if not prepared.

I know for some of us ‘out west’ here in the states (Nevada, New mexico, Arizona) it’s going to get well above 110….some places reporting it will soon be as high as 124 degrees Fahrenheit!!!!!

It gets hot here in Florida but not that hot!

Hopefully this will help get your trees through:

Below is an expert from one of Mary’s regular publications called “Bonsai Banter” :

Summer means hot, hot means things dry out faster, drying out faster means more frequent watering. 
Here’s a simple technique to help with shohin. 




Placing miniature bonsai in a bed of sand or small gravel keeps them moist and also keeps them from tipping over. 

I used a tray, similar to the one here, for my smallest mame. 

If you use this technique, it’s important to pick up your miniatures from time to time, as roots will grow through the bottom of the pots, into the sand. 

Link to original post:

Thank you Mary for the idea!

I like this idea that she has shared, it’s easy and sand is very “fluid.” I wanted to share it with you as well.

You can easily take your trees out for inspection, work, shows, etc.  Placing them back is easy as well.

Other ways to keep pots cooler is cover them in white fabric or other material suitable to reflect and keep the direct sun off the pot and soil.  Old socks cut can also be slipped around pots and work great.




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