South Florida Bonsai Shops: A Comprehensive Guide

When I moved here a few years ago I had to find everything a new.  Including places to go for bonsai supplies, trees, wire and bonsai pots!  Like with most things in Florida, finding the right places took a LONG TIME.

Google results are a big waste of time in many cases.  Half of the results are either out of business or not accurate.  I have sifted through the results over the last few years and visited shops to see what is really available there.

Below is a list of Shops, with some information about them and my take on what I have discovered.  I hope this helps and enjoy!

Wigert’s Bonsai Nursery

Photo Credit:  Wigert’s Website

Location: North Fort Meyer’s on South road off of US Highway 41.

Quality:  Wigert’s is one of the best in the business. Erik Wigert has won many awards in Bonsai, and is highly skilled.  His trees have been displayed all over.

Selection:  There are infinite trees available here regularly, with a natural focus on tropical species.  It will take a few days to see everything!

Price:  They have trees in every price range starting at $25 and up.

Comments:  I feel this is one of the best in the country.  All price ranges are there, low and high, but everything is very reasonably priced.  Your dollar will go a long way here. The trees are endless and the material is wonderful.  This is a Bonsai Nursery in America that you have to visit, regardless of where you live.

Dragon Tree Bonsai

Photo Credit:  Dragon Tree Bonsai website

Location: Palm City on SW Honey Terrace off of the Florida Turnpike.

Quality:  You will find wonderful and healthy trees here.  Two generations of nursery experience are behind the trees here.

Selection:  Many many trees!  Also unlike most Florida shops he has a diversity of trees, not just tropical or sub tropical.  From Nursery stock/Pre bonsai to finished trees, you’ll find them here.

Price:  Very fair prices on wonderful trees and all price ranges are available.

Comments:  Robert is a great guy and runs a nursery worth visiting.  The material is wonderful here.  Sitting on 3 acres with very unique trees that you won’t find elsewhere.  If you are passing down I95 you should make a pit stop here, hands down!

The Bonsai Shop

Photo Credit:  The Bonsai Shop Website

Location: Fort Lauderdale on North Federal Highway.

Quality:  With almost 30 years experience, Dennis’ trees are healthy and well picked.  One of the best Bonsai shops in Broward County.

Selection:  There are 300 trees on display here regularly, and over 25 species carried.  You won’t be bored.  If you want something they don’t have they can get it for you.  Pot and tool/accessory selection is a little limited but nice pieces.

Price:  They have trees in every price range imaginable, whether you want to spend $10 or $10,000.

Comments:  I really like Dennis’ shop and visit regularly.  It’s not far from me and convenient.  Dennis, Megan and everyone there is wonderful.  They’ll answer all your questions and give you tips if you need them.

H&F Import

Photo Credit: H&F website

Location: On SW 92nd Avenue in Davie, Florida off of Griffin Road.

Quality:  Family run with many years of experience the trees are healthy here, regularly cared for and the styling is attentive.

Selection:  They have thousands upon thousands of trees on display here regularly. All levels of refinement as well. Many are “cookie cutter” trees (they are wholesale supplier) Their trees come from directly from Asian suppliers.  They also can get any tree you want. Huge selection of pots, soil, tools, wire etc.

Price:  Very fairly priced and trees for all budgets!

Comments:  Andy is great here.  I do visit often and love the place. They have a nice large pond and a great “at home” feel. Keep in mind though they are a wholesale nursery. Though many trees look the same here, you can find unique trees, and ones that just need a little nudge in the right direction.

Miami Tropical Bonsai

Photo Credit:  Miami Tropical Bonsai website

Location: They are 30 miles south of Miami Beach.  Just a hair north of Kendall.  Don’t be confused by the name and think they are close to the city of Miami.

Quality:  The trees are healthy although as far as styling goes, not the most well refined.

Selection:  They have many different species and sizes of trees here.  Various styles as well.  Their site states that they have over 30,000 trees at the nursery.

Price:  They trees in all price ranges as usual.  However they are extremely over priced!  A $30 tree at other shops will cost $160 here.  Unless you know what a tree should cost be careful shopping here.

Comments:  I am not a fan of this shop at all.  Trees are very over priced, and from all aspects of their business it is clear they are geared toward selling online, to tourists and beginners who are none the wiser.  Their website hasn’t been updated in a long time.  Much better shops out there.

There are some smaller places not on this list, and a few garden nurseries that have small bonsai set ups, but for true bonsai shops these are the places to go!


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