Middle School Bonsai Club Vandalized a SECOND time!

Sadly, the Gray Middle School Bonsai Club in Tacoma, Washington was recently hit by vandals a second time.

The first time they smashed and broke trees that were outside of the greenhouse.  Then they got a lock on the greenhouse and kept the trees in there.

The vandals came back and this time broke the door open and again smashed their trees. This pisses me off because for risk of being a cornball, the kids are our future, not just in bonsai but everything.

These punks though will get there’s that is how the universe works.

There is a video below with the story and a link for their fundraiser.  The link will take you to their “Go Fund me” page, which contains the story, a video and the opportunity to provide a donation to help them out if you can.

The fund was not started by them mind you.  The bonsai community started the fund and that makes me super happy!

We all work very hard on our trees….and so do these kids with the direction of their teacher Martin Brown.

Here is the link: https://www.gofundme.com/gray-middle-school-bonsai-club



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