Ficus Stash Spot?!?

Yesterday I discovered something that went from disturbing to comical, to concerning. Talk about a roller coaster ride.  Like every problem in life though there were warning signs so lets talk about those first.

A little over a week ago I woke up to go water the trees and saw that something had dug a small hole in one of my Ficus pots.  I was annoyed, looked and there was nothing in the hole.  I got more soil  and filled it.  I figured it was a bird or lizard making my life difficult, and forgot about it.

A few days ago I started to notice a spot in the soil on that same Ficus bulging.  This also coincided with a good amount of rain that we haven’t had in weeks.  I thought it was weird and didn’t have an explanation other than maybe the roots were growing upward.

So I poked around, didn’t see anything and pushed that spot back down…the next day it was bulging again!  So I pushed it down again…this time I was really confused.

Well, yesterday I found out what the hell was going on.  Taking a look over the tree I noticed something odd in that same spot with the bulge again.

So I started digging around and saw this:20170527_181929

Can you see it in the soil?  Lower middle of the picture.  At first I thought it was an alien life form.  Or Maybe a Truffle?  It had the same texture as the ficus almost, just different color.

So I dug deep:20170527_182111


It was a peanut!  And…it was growing upside down.  In fact, the peanuts (Yup, two of ’em) had started to push through the drain holes under the pot.  Talk about going against the grain!  This was the “comical” part of the roller coaster ride.

When I tried pulling it out…I couldn’t (I know that sounds dirty, but we’re talking bonsai here).  This is the part where concern kicked in.

Long story short, it took a pair of needle nose pliers and tweezers to get the damn peanuts out.

Once the nuts were out of the pot…well there was a gaping hole:20170527_182429

My concern is that it displaced all roots in this area and the void went down straight to the middle of the tree…under the trunk.  The tree looked fine though and hadn’t skipped a beat in the last week, so it will be fine.

Here are the culprits:20170527_182414

Back to the shed again for more soil and to think about how the peanut got there.  Well, we have a neighbor who feeds ducks and birds in her yard.  She throws peanuts out for the birds.  The Blue Jays love them, so at first I thought it was a bird.  But, wait a bird would crack it open and eat it.

We also have many squirrels in our yard…that was it!!  I was shocked because the pot is small, 6 inches wide.  The hole was dug small and clean.

I expected a messier crime scene from a squirrel.  Well, thanks for not making a mess I guess.

If you’re wondering…the tree is fine, the peanuts are in a landfill, and the squirrel has yet to be seen. ‘Til next time…




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