Update: Ficus Retusa (Tiger Bark)

I repotted this one not too long ago on April 15th.  If you are interested in the repot, here is the post.  It has been growing wonderfully!

After repotting, I waited about a week and then pruned it and removed a decent amount of leaves.  Just a few weeks later it’s pretty much as full as it was.  I’m getting new branches also which is exactly what I was hoping for!

Here is a quick progression with the date and description below each photo:

20170413_233641 (1)
4/15/2017  This is the tree right after repotting.  Before any pruning/thinning
4/21/2017 Tree after pruning and thinning of foliage.

Not only has it thrown new branches and smaller leaves, but it has been pruned once as well between 4/21 and this photo above.  In fact I prune it every 2 weeks approximately.

I am doing this because, for now I want to keep this shape on this tree.  I also want the canopy to be denser.  By pruning the branches back and not letting them “run” it will produce more branches, which we call ramification.  This is good.

Also notice in the first photo when I acquired the tree it had a very vertical direction….slightly off and not appealing.  This is still a work is progress however in this short time it has spread out more.  I am bringing the canopy lower….with time.

I’ve been real busy the last week or so but have much more that needs to be posted.

‘Til next time, Happy Spring!


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