A few Mame Chinese Elms (Ulmus Parviflora)

Went to one of my local bonsai suppliers a few days ago to see what they had gotten in recently.  He always has a lot of trees.  Thousands.  He is a big supplier and most trees look the same.  The typical dreaded “S” curve.

It is what it is.  They are all from the same nurseries in Asia and get mass produced.

If you take the time to look though…every now and then you find something unique.

In a mix of hundreds of these guys I ended up picking two Chinese Elms that I can’t wait to work on. Great species, easy to care for and grow fairly quickly which is nice.  They respond well to pruning and you will get very nice ramification.

The two I bought are between 4 and 5 inches tall.

Here is the first one, in a more traditional style.  Great movement and nice taper in the trunk = great start.

The canopy isn’t bad either:20170516_084103

For now it’s going to stay in the pot and I’m going to do what we all do…….stare at it until I have a revelation for it’s direction!  For now I’ll tighten the canopy up etc….you can prune these all year.

The next one I really like.  I love the big scar on the trunk as well!  This one has good taper and nice movement.  When picking stock, 95% of my attention is on the trunk.

Unless something crazy is going on up top that is not fixable, the top really doesn’t matter.  Most of it will ultimately be pruned away as it grows and you shape it.

I am aiming to style this one as a Bald Cypress.  Or maybe a Pine.

Let’s take a look at the tree:20170516_084043

Here is a tree from Bonsai South that is similar to the look that I will be going for:


It has a great start so getting it to this style (or pine style) won’t be difficult at all.  The branches are flexible and after some wiring and some clipping it’ll be there.

I wish I had the time to get started on it now, but I don’t, that’ll be another day’s post.

I hope you enjoyed viewing these two trees and as usual updates will follow as they progress!


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