Propagating Cuttings For Pre Bonsai

Cuttings are a wonderful way to create more material to work on in the future.  Today I’ll be sharing with you a few recent cuttings I have planted.

Some species will take and root better than others, so keep this in mind.  Your climate will have a lot to do with what time of year this can be done as well.

I suggest doing some research on the particular species you are trying to propagate and your climate to increase your odds of success.

I always use rooting hormone for cuttings.  Although you don’t need to, it will definitely help and is very cheap…only a few dollars will get  you enough to propagate Redwood National Park.

This is the one I use:20170425_101249

Make sure to wear gloves and do not breath the powder.  It is toxic to humans and animals.

When taking cuttings, pick a branch with some nice, natural movement…this will give you a head start on styling once the tree has grown.

When planting, make sure you don’t plant cuttings straight vertical.  It will not look natural.  Angle the trunk and it will make a huge difference for the better in the appearance of your plant.

So, first up is a cutting of a Rosemary tree.  To grow this plant from seed will take basically forever.  Cuttings are the best way for propagating this species.  They take very easily so you will have great results.

Here is the mother plant and cuttings:

2 week old cutting (notice the white root in middle of trunk)
2 day old cutting


Next up are some Juniper cuttings.  They are a little more difficult and not all will take, so don’t get frustrated if you lose a few.  I soak them in water for 24 hours after cutting them and before putting them in soil, this will help tremendously.

Juniper’s can get enough water from their foliage.  So for the first few weeks you should regularly mist them a few times a day until roots take.

How do you know when your cuttings are growing roots?  That’s easy!  Once you see new growth (new buds/leaves) on your cutting it is growing roots.

Here is the Parson’s Juniper I took 2 cuttings from:20170419_115718

This first cutting is about 2 weeks old and is still holding on so I’m happy about that:20170512_174014

I took the second cutting to plant in the yard:20170512_120709

Next up are some Ficus Retusa or Tiger Bark Ficus cuttings.  Ficus is very easy to propagate.  You don’t need any rooting powder really.

One of my Ficus’ needed a few branches pruned back, so instead of tossing the clippings, I took two small ones for propagation.

Here is the Ficus the cuttings came from:20170413_233641 (1)

And here are the cuttings:20170512_174007

These guys are small only a few inches tall.  Once they have rooted they will be a great start……almost like a blank canvas.

I hope you enjoyed the post and just a fair warning:

Don’t get carried away taking cuttings or you will end up with too many trees!!!!!!


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