Update: Ilex Schillings Dwarf (Yaupon Holly)

It’s been 2 months since this one was purchased at a nursery and repotted. Read about it here.  In that time it has grown a lot.  I really like these trees.

Since the repot I have chopped the trunk down a few inches, thinned out branches and pruned/styled the new growth a bit.


It has back budded very nicely during the last few months:

20170418_0817362017-03-30 10.51.56

It had some lengthy straight branches which I brought back, as well as balanced the size of the branches.  These grow like crazy in every direction so you have to be on top of your pruning or it quickly starts to look like a bush.



This picture above is only 12 days after chopping the trunk and pruning it back hard.

Here’s a few pics to recap the last 30 days:


It still has a long way to go.  Branches will need more work.  The roots need work and it has to go into a smaller pot.  All in time.  At the rate it’s going though that won’t be long!



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