From Accident to Accent Plant (Mimosa Pudica)

I grew a bunch of these from seed.  Most of them are in a planter together (about 7 of them) and I had one (this one) planted by itself in a ceramic planter.

If you’re not familiar, these are “touch” or “sensitive” plants.  When you touch them, the leaves will close.  They are less boring than the average fern like plant.

Well I went outside earlier and saw it smashed on the ground!

Result of Lizard Attack

I think I know what caused it also.  Here in Florida we have dragons.  All sizes too.  And they crawl on whatever they want.  They might even breath fire.

Now, around plants there are flies and other bugs.  I’m sure a dragon knocked this thing over chasing lunch.  Dragons?  I meant lizards.

I really didn’t feel like having to do this right now to be honest.  Totally unexpected.  Plus, I didn’t have another small pot.

So I got creative.  When putting in a stone garden next to the shed a few months ago, we dug around and one of the things we found was this:

Conch Shell

I had just thrown it on the picnic table and it had been sitting there for a while since we found it.  To be honest it was going to go in the garbage.  But then I had an idea….why not put this plant in the shell.

Now, I am not a big fan of the beach or the “beach” look even though I live in Florida.  I had no idea if I would even like this creation, but figured it’s worth a try.

After getting it out of the cracked pot it was nice to see good root development:


So after knocking off half the soil & pushing the dirt and roots into the shell here is the result:


I added some small river stones to hold the soil in and for a more finished look.

I’m surprised to say I actually kind of like it.  Considering it’s Florida this may make a nice accent plant next to one of my bonsai trees, who knows.




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