The Start of a Pre-Bonsai: Rosemary Cutting

Usually when People hear Rosemary they think of herbs…or maybe grandma. So do they make good bonsai?  I think they do, but it’s all about taste.  Surf the web and you’ll find some very unique trees.

Here is a picture from Pintrest of a nice example:


I like the bark they develop, and the great movement they create naturally.  They are finicky though, and don’t like to be transplanted for one.

If you are just starting in bonsai I would suggest learning how to keep one alive first before doing more work on it.  But that is for another post, back to the cutting!

So here is the plant I’m going to take a cutting from:


I have 3 of these little trees planted in one pot.  I let the branches run until they are a few inches over the pot then cut them back.  Since, we grow these organically we use the rosemary leaves in our cooking!

So before taking the cutting, let’s get the pot ready:


I used a regular 3 inch plastic nursery pot, It doesn’t need more than that for now.  I then filled it with a mix of potting soil, lava and pumice and made hole using a stick to put the cutting into.

Here is the cutting:


Can’t see it from here but it has nice movement swept to one side.  Before putting it into the pot. I misted the cutting with water from a spray bottle and then dipped it in rooting hormone:


I use the Garden Safe brand…but any rooting hormone will work.  Just make sure it has the ingredient Indole-3-butyric Acid.  It comes in a fine powder, just like powdered sugar. Be careful when opening the jar and don’t use it in the wind!  Obviously don’t breath it.

I removed the lower branches from the cutting to give it a “trunk.” This way it can stand up in the pot.  All you do from here is dip the end of the cutting into the powder and then plant it in the pot.

Make sure the part of the cutting that will be in the ground is covered with rooting hormone.

Usually I use Perlite as a medium to propagate cuttings and that works very well.  With Rosemary I used the potting soil mix I made for two reasons.  One because like they don’t like transplanting, so after the roots grow I didn’t want to have to take it out of the Perlite to transfer it to potting soil.

Also once established I wanted it to have the soil it required.  Rosemary likes organic soil, and the potting mix is perfect for it.

So here is the cutting potted:


With the natural subtle movement there it’s a great start and will make a nice tree one day!  Let’s hope it takes…it should and I will keep you guys updated in the future on this one!



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