Repotting a Tiger Bark Ficus

**This repotting was done on April 15, 2017**

Nothing glamorous but I figured I would share the repot with you.  The soil in the pot it came with was good soil, but it was a few years old and looked mucky.

This is the tree I got a few weeks ago that you saw in my Trip to H&F Import Bonsai Supply & Nursery.

It is still not going into a ceramic pot as it is no where near ready yet.  I am simply going to repot it into another plastic training pot.  A new clean, and slightly better looking one.

Here it is in the pot it came in:

20170411_162834 (1)

It is a pre-bonsai and has been left to grow for a few years.  This thing needs to be weeded, pruned, repotted etc…….

I like this tree.  It is somewhat cliche but I think it has nice character and the fact that aerial roots were already growing made me happy.  My climate is perfect for these trees and they are fun to develop as they grow quick here.

The new training pot that I’m going to use is just slightly smaller than the one it’s in.  About 1/2 an inch smaller in length, and a 1/4 inch smaller in width.  After pruning and cutting it back it’s going to be smaller, hence the smaller pot.

Here is the pot I’m going to be using:

7 inch training pot

It’s sturdy and it already has drain holes in each foot which can be seen here:


The pre-molded drain holes are great, there are two in each foot of the pot.  For my climate and the soil I use however, I need more drain holes as I have to water my trees at least 2 times a day, most days, 3 times a day.

So, I grabbed my drill, a 1/4 inch bit and drilled some more holes:



Wow, not a bad job if I do say so myself!  The holes are damn near straight, haha!  All jokes aside though, who cares…it doesn’t matter.  All that matters is that this pot drains and my tree can breath!

The pot is ready, and won’t need screens as the holes are too small to allow the substrate to come out.  So on to the tree.

Removed from it’s pot

It needed some root work and clearly some weeding:

Weeds of a Ficus

So first I took out the weeds and raked away the debris, etc.  I loosened up the rest and got rid of pretty much 90% of the soil it came in.  The roots were very healthy, and there were not any big obstructive roots to deal with thankfully.  It made the repot a breeze.

For the soil I used a bonsai mix from one of my local suppliers.  Lava, pumice, pine bark, akadama.


Almost done adding soil:


As you add soil to any tree make sure to get the air holes (or voids) out of the soil to avoid killing your roots in those areas.

I use a soil pick as I pour soil in.  Here is a crappy pic:


After getting it in the pot and then filling with soil, I took it outside and gave it a nice shower.

Here is it is after the repot was done:

20170413_233641 (1)

Thanks for reading and see you next time!





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