Why it’s Important to make your bonsai display convenient

This is one part of Bonsai that often gets overlooked. It happens to the best of us!  You’re so wrapped up in finding trees, working on them and researching that you forget to plan out your garden or “tree area.”

Putting some time into planning out how, where and on what your trees will be displayed will help tremendously.  Not only is it going to make your life easier, but it will help with the success, and health of your trees.  A well planned area will help with two things:  Light and water.

Think about this…do you have that one tree…or if not a tree, that plant that just is not in the path of your day to day activities?  You know the one in the corner of the yard where you never go?

Usually if a plant is away from the rest of the plants or from your eyesight (out of sight out of mind!) it will be neglected, that is almost a guarantee.  And if it’s not in a good location it won’t thrive.  That’s why we all should try and put some time into planning our “area.”

Light, wind, shade and more all affect a plant.  Different plants have different requirements.  Try to set up benches and stands in different areas to create “zones.” Have an area that is shady, one that gets shade partial shade, and one that is full sun.

By having zones, you won’t have to move plants around so much. Constantly moving plants also confuses them as their light schedule keeps changing unnaturally.

It’s also going to make life easier for repotted plants as well.  You can just set them on a bench you have in the shade for a week or so and not have to leave it on the ground under the porch staircase.

When it comes to watering, a well planned setup is going to make your job easy.  If you are finding yourself working too hard to water, and it’s down right annoying, try planning out a better system.  It will make watering more enjoyable and help you in the long run.

Improper display and overcrowded benches can lead to a host of problems besides not getting water correctly.  Water may pool in areas you don’t see, under pots, etc.

I know this is not new to a lot of you reading but, next time you’re out there watering the trees, instead of thinking of the next one you want to buy…..stop, look around and find just one thing you can change and make it happen!



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