Built Another Bonsai Bench

So summer is right around the corner and the sun is already getting strong…too strong if you ask me.  Florida is great if you garden, but man I hate the summer heat.

So what the does this have to do with a bonsai bench?  Well, I needed another bench in an area that got direct sun from morning until 1pm, then would be full shade for the rest of the day.

Keep in mind though, I live in USDA hardiness zone 10b.  This is like living in an oven.  So full shade here, due to the brightness of the sun and the reflecting light is not true full shade.

A lot of plants that are “Full Sun” cannot be kept in full sun all day in this part of the country.  They will do better being in the shade half the day.  So that is why I am building a bench.  For my trees that need a little break.

The location will be the back wall of my house.

The wall faces east, and there is a full size shed further back in the yard.  It would be behind you if you took this photo. I took this picture after the build of the bench, so it is there already.

When the sun rises it doesn’t break the top of the shed until about an hour after sunrise.  At around 1-2pm depending on the month this location will be shaded from the house overhang.  Perfect.

I’m going to slap this thing together quick, nothing fancy.  I shot over to Home Depot and picked up 6 standard cinder blocks.  $1.22 each for blocks that are 8x8x16.  Super cheap and versatile.

For the bench I already had 2 boards at the house and some scrap wood to make cross braces, so I didn’t have to buy more lumber. Nice!

Here is the bench:

As for the rest of the job, that was a breeze. I put the first cinder blocks down, one on each side, and using a level adjusted the ground until they were level.

Next I just stacked the other two blocks on top and them placed the wood bench on the blocks.

Here is the finished Product:

This was a quick project. If you don’t have benches because you think it’s too expensive or too hard to do, forget all that and get out there and make one!


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