Trip to H&F Import Bonsai Supply & Nursery

I have been in need of a few supplies and the list just keeps growing.  I’ve also been putting the trip off due to being busy…but it couldn’t wait any longer.

I allotted myself one hour yesterday to head over to H&F, a local wholesale nursery and supply.  Lucky for me, they are only a few miles away!  You have no idea how happy that makes me!  Well, maybe you do.

I needed some spare tools, soil and pots and figured why not share the trip with you.  If you visit, ask for Andy, awesome guy and happy to help you out.  Their place is pretty big and you’ll need a lot of time to really get a chance to see everything.

They have space to hold THOUSANDS of trees!!  Speaking of which, they are getting a new 5000 tree shipment in next month and I’ll definitely post about it!!


I suggest you really spend some time on their website first, and make a list of what you want to see before you go there.  Most of the supplies are packed away and not on display.  I love the setup, though and there’s always a great vibe when I visit.

There are endless rows of trees there as usual, and I couldn’t help myself from walking through  the nursery.  Yea, you know where this is going…..

There were wonderful specimen level trees he had for great prices, and I’m thinking  “but I shouldn’t go buying one of those right now….or should I?”

I didn’t buy a specimen tree but I did see a very nicely developed Tiger Bark Ficus and had to have it!  Aerial roots were already growing, so I couldn’t pass it up.  Nice small tree too, about 8 inches tall, good movement.

Here is a pic of the tree at home:

Tiger Bark Ficus

I didn’t get a chance to get pics of the trees while there because my phone battery died…..I hate when that happens.  Next visit though I’ll make sure I’m prepared.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with this one just yet.  Probably just let it grow this year.  It’s definitely going to be repotted though.  Needs better soil.  The soil it’s in has already broken down too much.  These should be repotted every 2 years anyway, and it’s definitely been in this soil at least that long.

I also picked up a concave cutter, knob cutter, 16lbs of soil and 5 or 6 plastic training pots.

Here is my haul:

Bonsai always rides Shotgun!

Hope you enjoyed the ride and I’ll be posting the repot of ficus soon!


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