Collecting an Avocado Tree

Behind my shed is somewhat of an abysmal growing oasis. It’s windy, really windy….gets about only 2 hours of direct sunlight daily and yet there are too many plants to count back there!  So today I went back there to do some weeding and cleaning up.

Here is the area after I ripped out most of the weeds:

All those little guys with oval leaves are Avocado trees!

Every weed in the book can be found here along with  roses, morning glory, daisies, golden pothos, the list goes on.  Oh and………Avocado trees!

So I had a little extra time today and decided what the hell, I’ll dig one up and throw it in a pot.  This is not a bonsai….could be considered a pre-bonsai, but they aren’t very “bonsai-able.”

It would take some time to get the right trunk on it, and it lends itself to few styles.  Inter-nodes are too long and leaves are big in my opinion.

My purpose for this tree is as an accent plant.

So here is the one I’m going to dig up:

This one has two big branches going and nice movement. One is below my finger, and I’m holding the other one

Digging it out was fairly easy.  The soil is sandy and loose, and it didn’t have a million roots to start with.  Sorry, but I forgot to take pictures of the roots (I was being distracted) but basically there was a small tap root and the feeder roots were sparse, but enough.

I didn’t prune the roots at all as they were all feeders and with so little there, I didn’t want to risk losing the tree.  I put it in a simple pumice, lava and very little pine bark soil mix.  This substrate is best for root development and will drain very nicely.

I chopped off the top of both branches to encourage some new growth, watered it and put it in the shade where it will stay for a few weeks.

Here it is potted:

All Done For Now…..


I used an old nursery pot for now and the rock is there to add weight to the pot.  This way when it gets breezy this thing doesn’t take a tumble!

I watered it very heavily and then gave it a little more water with liquid “vitalizer.”  I gave it some HB-101.  I wrote a post on it which you can read here.  I figured it’s newly collected and potted, so lets see if this stuff does any good.

Hopefully with time it ramifies nicely…I’ll keep chopping it down and posting updates when they are due.

‘Til next time…..



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