How to make a Bonsai Turntable

So you need a turntable, or you need more turntables!  Either way the plastic ones that are widely used just don’t hold up.  If you have a scrap piece of board/wood lying around don’t go buying a turntable!  Make it!!

A turntable is a must have not only for any Bonsai hobbist/artist but every gardener should have one.  If you don’t have one you have no idea how easy your life will become.

The only thing you will have to buy is lazy susan turntable bearing.  You can get them at Home Depot for under $5 here is the link:

This is what it looks like:turntable

NOTE: It doesn’t come with screws, but I’m sure you have a few screws lying around. Make sure the screws you use are short enough not to penetrate the other side of the board.  You don’t need holes in your hands while working.

Here are the package and instructions:



I grabbed a scrap piece of board I had lying around. and then simply screwed one side of the bearing on the board.  Make sure it’s in the middle.  I eyed this one, but you can measure and find the exact middle if you would like as well.



I choose not to attach the other side of the bearings to anything else.  The weight of the board and the weight of the tree being worked on hold it down so it doesn’t slide when spinning.

Best part…….it’s mobile and the bearings are rated to hold 400lbs!!

Much better than spending even more money on others that are just not as strong and won’t last as long.

Any board/wood will do.  However do not use plywood, as this is layered and after repeated wetting and drying it will fall apart on you.  Plus, it doubles as a Lazy Susan for beer at your BBQ’s.

Here is the finished product:


Hmm as I’m writing this I just had an idea…..I think I’m gonna drill holes to hold tools in toward the edges….kind of like pencils holders.  Don’t know yet, we shall see.




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