How to Make a Bonsai / Planter Bench From Wall Stones and Lumber

Making a Bonsai bench can be intimidating.  Especially if you don’t have saws and drills and all that stuff.  But you can make a rather nice one with no tools at all.

To make this Bench is here is what you’ll need:

  • 44 Wall Stones (You can use more/less stones depending on how high you want them)
  • 4 pieces of “Landscape Lumber”

In place of wall stones you can pretty much use whatever you would like.  Bricks, slabs, Cinder blocks, etc.

I was going to make this out of cinder blocks initially.  Except…..that I found all these wall stones for free on Craig’s List!!!

You can also use any wood or boards that you would like in place of the Landscape lumber.  I like the landscape lumber for their look and that they are heavy.  Less chance of them moving around.  They come pressure treated and will last longer than non treated wood.

When you get the lumber from Home Depot or Lowe’s they will cut it for you. Take advantage of this!  Even if you have tools, the time it saves you from doing it at home is totally worth it.

The pieces come in 8 foot sections.  For this set up I had them cut the pieces in half.  4 whole pieces gave me eight 4-foot sections.  I will be using 2 pieces to make each shelf.

Since these are wall stones, they have a “lip” along the bottom.  Here is a picture to give you an idea:


This allows the stones to be staggered back as you stack them to add depth.  This is nice but poses a problem when stacking them as high as I did here.  Since they don’t stack straight when they stand alone with no support they can and WILL topple backward.

To solve this, I stacked the stones up and leaned them against the fence post you see behind them.  By doing it this way, they do not budge.

Here is the first section put together:


The stones for the front shelf naturally, are leaning on the stones from the back shelf.

TIP:  If you have trees that need shade you can simply put them under the shelves as they will provide shade.

I like using reclaimed stones when building anything as the new ones are just too clean and new looking.  These already had a little moss growing on them and that gives them a much “older” look.

Don’t forget a big aspect of Bonsai is age or perception of age.  Old trees look better in old pots and old benches.


Here is the completed project.  I put up a few plants and trees close by for this picture:


This area is not yet complete and ready for display.  It needs a Shade Cloth installed.  With the climate here in South Florida, the sun is already too strong to leave the trees in full sun all day.

Still battling with the decision of building a Pergola or a simple frame for a shade cloth.  I have very little time left to decide though.  Day time temps are 88-90 Fahrenheit already!

Once I finish the shade cloth I’ll write up a post for the building and installing of that too!



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