How We Started

I have had a love for trees and forests all my life.  They captivate me and do so much for our lives physically and spiritually.  There is no way to explain the peace & connection I feel when with the trees.

From childhood I was planting and playing with trees and wood. I got my first pocket knife at 3 and enjoyed carving.  As I got older I spent time woodworking.  I was lucky to have taken years of woodworking and agriculture classes as early as elementary and middle school.  I grew up in North Carolina and the schools were wonderful.

I did not start practicing Bonsai until my early 20’s as I did not have the resources or exposure to the art prior to that point in my life.  This is part of why we started.

I feel that many that are new to Bonsai see it as a Japanese art that they “really can’t do” or “get into.”  There is a slight intimidation factor.  Especially the part about killing trees.  Oh and watering. But that is part of becoming a Bonsai Artist.  With practice Bonsai is fun.

I am no master….just a creator and artist.  The trees are the masters and it is up to us to bring out their utmost potential.

Through my years of experience on this journey I’ve found that not only are Bonsai resources and supplies hard to find, but there are few suppliers that are “local” regardless of what part of the United States you may live in.  We hope to change that not only in our area of South Florida, but throughout America.

I started with Bonsai in the North East, New York to be exact.  Since then many years have past and I met a lady and we now have a wonderful daughter.  We moved to Florida before the baby was born.

Needless to say wicked climate change!  It’s been a few years and we have gotten used to the climate and what to expect (in relation to how it affects the trees.)

Learning this new tropical climate took a little time but obviously was not difficult as plants grow like wild fire here.  You do have to grow the right trees though.

Climate will dictate what you can and cannot grow.  It will also dictate how involved you will have to be in controlling your tree’s climate.

Every tree is unique.  So is every Bonsai collector or artist.

Hopefully our story can give courage to others take the first step and buy their first tree.  Or make their first bend or trunk chop!


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